My name is Will. I'm living in Gainesville, Florida currently, but I spent most of my life in Orlando after my family moved there from Montreal, Canada in 2003. I was five at the time. Fast forward to 2014 ish, I was working at a smoothie store in Orlando and I was 16.. I bought a four track tape recorder online while waiting around in-between customers. That machine stemmed my love of recording music and a few years later, I used it to record Zoe Era, my first EP and Plant Franklin my first LP. I later graduated to an 8 track cassette recorder and used that for all the albums released henceforth. BETWEEN U AND ME... I have taken a break from cassette recording :( .. and have been recording new music on my laptop .... plug-ins, the whole thing, I know.. </3 

anyways I think it sounds really okay and I'm excited to release some new songs recorded this way soon. thank you to everyone who may read this dum blurb, thank you for checking out my songs and extra thank u for reading the lyrics, I know you can't understand me sometimes.

lots of love,